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MODE Jukebox

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SpeakerCraft MODE Jukebox One Having your entire music collection in one place and instantly available from any room in the house was once just a dream. Today, with the MODE Jukebox, that dream is a reality. Imagine having as many as 40,000 songs available at your fingertips at any one time. Organize them into different genres and play lists and you will truly be in control of your entire collection. Features: A dedicated 160-gigabyte hard drive music server, the MODE Jukebox is the next great step in music distribution. Combined with the MODE keypad, the Jukebox will allow you to display song information in every room. Just scroll to the album or artist you want to listen to and a click takes you there. As technology has advanced and the demand for smaller and smaller devices, like the iPod, has increased, compromises have been made. To fit the quantity of music most people demand, onto a unit you can carry in your pocket, the musicmust be compressed. This means sacrificing some of the fidelity that brings these recordings to life. With the MODE Jukebox you are able to retain all of the nuance and detail from the original recording. The MODE Jukebox provides true audiophile quality with the convenience of multi-room access and control. Adding music to the system is as simple as dropping a CD in the front mounted CD drive and downloading it to the system. The MODE Jukebox will then automatically connect to the internet and download the album name, song titles, artist,and genre to make finding your music as easy as selecting it. The MODE Jukebox One offers a single source to be selected from any keypad in the house. The MODE Jukebox Four has four separate outputs allowing the family to enjoy four different selections in different rooms at the same time. See why so many people are stepping into a dedicated music server and avoiding the hassle of messing with stacks of CDs and CD cases. They can both locate and access their music simply and easily with the touch.


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