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Video Baby Monitor

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Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision
From Infant Optics

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Product Description

***What’s in the Box: Monitor Display Unit with Li-Ion battery/ Camera Unit/ Camera Mount/ 2 Power Adapters/ English Instructions Manual/ 1 Year Warranty/ Lifetime Technical Support

Product Details

  • Color: white, blue
  • Brand: Infant Optics
  • Model: BBM1
  • Dimensions: 3.00″ h x 1.00″ w x 3.00″ l, 1.00 pounds


  • 2.4 TFT screen with super sensitive built in microphone
  • 2.4 GHz static free digital wireless transmission covering distances of up to 800 feet in open areas, or 150ft in enclosed areas
  • Uses FHSS (Automatic Frequency Hoping System) – jumps between different channels in the 2.4 GHz range which virtually ‘encrypts’ the data
  • Automatic IR night vision,A/C Power: 6 V 1 A DC adaptor
  • Automatic voice activation power saving mode – monitor unit shuts down automatically if no noise is sensed for 3 minutes

Editorial Reviews

From the Manufacturer

Infant Optics - Affordable technology. No compromise on quality.

Full Infant Optics monitor and camera set

Compact and lightweight – you can comfortably monitor your baby while on the go.

The original Infant Optics DXR-5 is a compact video baby monitor that will give you a peace-of-mind no matter where you are in your house. Designed with portability in mind, its slim and lightweight body frame makes it easy to monitor your baby even with an active lifestyle. Equipped with a 2.4 GHz digital wireless FHSS communication link, the DXR-5 is 100% secure and provides superior sound and video clarity. This video monitor features a 2.4 inch super bright TFT screen, which is powered by a rechargeable Li-on battery that allows hours of portable usage. Boasting a 150ft indoor range and an impressive 800ft outdoor reception range1, you will always be connected no matter where you are in the house. The DXR-5 features all the reliability and intuitive functionality you would expect from Infant Optics.

Monitor your child from anywhere

No matter where you are, real-time live audio and video display makes it easier than ever to monitor your child’s every move.

Sleep with a peace of mind without any static noise

The “White Noise Eliminator” module eliminates any annoying static noise once your child is fast asleep.
Loaded with Only the Features You Really Need

Don’t pay more for supposed ‘added-value’ gimmick features you’ll never use. This baby monitor is designed with simplicity in mind. Not only is it easy to setup and operate, but its affordable price will leave extra money in your pockets that can be spent on your baby instead.

Secure FHSS Data Encryption

Using FHSS technology, each camera securely transmits encrypted video and audio data to your monitor unit. You can be rest assured that no one else is viewing your video or audio feed.

Streaming Video Feed at 30 Frames per Second

Surpassing the standards of modern 2.4 GHz video monitors, the DXR-5 features smoothly streaming full-color video at an impressive rate of 30 frames per second.

2.4” Full-color TFT Screen with Infrared Night Vision

Using invisible infrared light, the DXR-5 allows you to see up to 15 feet in complete darkness. This useful feature toggles on and off for use when you need it.

Convenient Portable Monitoring

The DXR-5 features a long-lasting battery-powered monitor for easy and convenient transport throughout the day. Fitted with a 900mAh Li-on battery, it can operate with or without its power adapter.

“White Noise Eliminator” Module

The DXR-5 features a built-in audio shutoff module designed to eliminate any white noise or static when the sound level is below a predetermined level for 10 seconds. The system reactivates the audio once any noise is detected. You will enjoy better sleep, whilst knowing that your reliable monitor is doing its job. (Feature can be toggled on or off)

Voice Activated Power Saver Mode

When in standby power-saving mode, a single sound will turn the DRX-5 monitor back on, automatically.


Freely use other 2.4GHz devices in your home without worrying about interference.
Voice Activated Power Saver Mode (Standby Mode)

In VOX standby mode, you’ll save energy, while still being alert. After 3 minutes of quietness2, the energy efficient monitor turns off, conserving electricity and your battery. When the camera detects any sound in this ‘standby mode’, the unit automatically turns back on. (Feature can be toggled on or off)

Expandable with Extra Camera Capacity

As your family grows, the DXR-5 can too, supporting up to 4 total camera units simultaneously. Switch through video channels by simply clicking a button on the monitor unit.3

Quick Setup

With 3 easy steps, your video monitor will be setup and ready to monitor in just minutes. Simply plug the adapter into the camera and monitor unit, then turn both the units on and you are ready to go! There are absolutely no tedious software setup processes.

Easy to Setup Anywhere

Our easy-to-install system includes wall mounting screws, as well as a vertical mounting stand which allows the camera to tilt down from an elevated position.

Backed by 1 Year Warranty

Infant Optics backs its DXR-5 with a 1-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. We have full confidence in our flagship baby monitor.

Full list of features

1Optimum range is 150ft when signal is passing through thick walls or floors. Microwave ovens (when in use) can cause signal disruption at close range. Buildings with metal frames may also cause signal disruption. 800ft transmission range achievable in open area without obstructions.

2When sound level is below 60 decibels for 3 minutes, the monitor unit will automatically switch to standby mode.

3Camera units can not be paired to multiple monitor units.

Infant Optics Recommended Accessories

Add-on Camera Unit

Add-on Camera Unit

>Add-on Li-ion Battery Pack

Add-on Li-ion Battery Pack


Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

191 of 194 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Deal, Great Monitor
By Erin Lightfoot
I had two concerns when purchasing this baby monitor. I was worried that the rather bright night light in my daughter’s room would obscure the ability of the night vision monitor, and I was also worried that the price was lowered because they had found this to be an inferior product. Neither of these has been a problem. I did notice the “cheap plastic feeling” of the casing that other people mentioned in their reviews, but for one third the normal price on Amazon, I was more than willing to look past this. I’m interested to see how long it holds up. I’ve only had this product for a short while, but I’m moving the monitor around a lot already- we’ll see how long the clip lasts. As for the night vision, it seems to be a transitional night vision, allowing anything in the light to remain bright, without obscuring the night vision’s ability to clearly make out everything in its view.

The ONE thing I would change would be the beep that happens every time the monitor goes to sleep (after a period of inactivity from the camera view). Even this can be tamed, however, by lowering the over-all volume.

Things I LOVE about this monitor:
-Clear view day and night
-Clear audio
-Private channel
– Battery-saving Auto “Sleep” with inactivity

Things I’m not keen on:
-Battery is not a standard size but a camera battery

I’ve only ever used an audio monitor, but I took a chance on this. I fell in love with it the minute it was hooked up.

Oh, and if you think the viewer’s not working when you first set it up, try taking the small lens cover off the camera… LOL.

132 of 135 people found the following review helpful.
4Excellent digital monitor for the money
By sd1923
I decided on another video baby monitor as I am expecting a third child. I used to own a summer infant video monitor that I bought from babies r us but it broke down after my 3 year old decided to throw the monitor into the sink. I was not prepared to pay another 200 dollars so I shopped online for alternatives. I got this on amazon (because of the price) and this product is great. I was prepared to return it if it was crap, (which cheap products are usually online…)
Pros: The VOX setting activates only when it registers loud noises (like cries) and it doesn’t inadvertently turn on due to loud traffic noises (unlike my old baby monitor).
price, the price is unbelievable for a monitor with video, and static-free
video and audio quality – I can not complain. It is far better than my old monitor.
interference – it works fine with our wifi and 2.4ghz cell phone
presentation – comes in nice gift box and cute design
range – I can leave the camera in the nursery and be in the kitchen (around 300 feet away) and I still get reception
no background noise – the monitor cuts the background noise when there is no sound and becomes totally quiet. My old unit always had this constant clicking sound even when it was dead quiet.

Cons: the material falls below what I wanted, but for the price it makes up for everything. It’s uses a light weight plastic material which is good and bad because it is nearly weightless when you strap this on your waist when you are moving around in the house.
features – I wished for a pan and tilt camera but this doesn’t have it.

Verdict; if you are looking for something that works well and doesn’t give you any problems, this is it. if you are looking for a high-tech baby monitor, this isn’t what you are looking for. This is like a Honda – always works, does what it is designed to do very well, great specs and features, good price but lacks the solid feel, and the extra niff-naff ‘nice to have’ features that a mercedes-benz has.
4 star for the product itself compared to other video monitors in the market
5 star for what you get for the money.

70 of 74 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Buy for the Price!
By Janet W.
I read through every review for this on amazon before I bought it. I saw the really bad reviews and I got so scared that this wasn’t going to be what I wanted!

But the product came and it was everything I was looking for! It really was extremely easy to set-up! I have only one cam installed and that is located in my 15 month old’s room. I use this product because the room is on the second floor and our family room is in the finished basement. When she naps, it gives me the piece of mind that she is sleeping and napping, when I hear random thumps or noises…I just look at the monitor and can confirm whether it was her or not.

I know that people in the other reviews were complaining about the cheap feel of the cam and monitor, but seriously? Who the heck cares. It serves its purpose, I’m not going to spend $200 on one that has the same features basically.

We don’t use the Vox feature, and yes there is an option for you to turn this off. We only turn on the product when we use it and leave it plugged in at the time. The cam isn’t portable, but that doesn’t matter, because there is a plug next to my daughter’s dresser that is hidden. But the monitor is portable and it is awesome once you have it fully charged.

Another concern that people might have is the wifi interferance… I don’t have any problems at all…enough said.

I don’t ask for any more features for this product, because it is perfect the way it is, especially for the price. The picture quality is really clear, whether it is night or day! And the sound quality is acceptable!

I think you should buy this product, if what you are looking for is a piece of mind and not the bells and whistles.


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